LOCUST 903 55kW

Good for the city, the road, a construction site or for a village, but especially for your budget. The LOCUST 903 combines exceptional performance characteristics with economy for the all-season operation. It is the best selling and the most popular loader in its category. Visibility and manoeuvrability is enhanced by the huge field of view that everyone can appreciate while sitting inside the cabin. A high performance of 55 kW, the latest electronic systems, hydraulic levelling of the bucket and many other advantages rank the LOCUST 903 among the best of the world.

LOCUST 903 is being offered in two versions – the standard version and the speed version. It’s up to you to assess, which one will be more useful for you.

Height to the Top of Cab 2,090 mm
Length of the Loader with a Bucket 3,380 mm
Width of the Loader with a Bucket 1,880 mm
Operating Weight 3,511 kg
Rated Operating Capacity 975 kg
Tipping Load 1,950 kg
Speed 9,5-19 km/h
Bucket Volume with the Mass 0.43 m3
Tearing Force 24 kN
Force of Traction up to 40 kN