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History LOCUST.

The LOCUST skid steer loader is not a newcomer on the market. He is a younger brother of the well-known UNC 060 loader. The first UNC 060 skid steer was manufactured in 1981. Due to its qualities and quality, it has become popular in markets in various countries and has produced 13589 units of UNC. an upgraded and upgraded loader with a new name and logo. This loader is LOCUST.

Why the name LOCUST ?. “LOCUST” means a grasshopper and a precisely such LOCUST skid steer loader is handy, fast and with its wide load capacity, it can handle every load and every surface.

Loader history LOCUST at a glance:

  • 2000 – LOCUST 752 was launched, which was the first LOCUST model
  • 2002 – Start of production LOCUST 1203
    – introducing the 1203 SPEED loader
  • 2003 – The first prototype LOCUST 853 was presented at Intermat 2003 in Paris
  • 2004 – start of series production LOCUST 853, LOCUST 903
  • 2005 – prototypes LOCUST 753 and LOCUST 1203 TELSPEED were presented
  • 2006 – The new LOCUST 453 loader was introduced at the Intermat 2003 exhibition in Paris
    – start of series production LOCUST 1203 TELSPEED
  • 2007 – start of LOCUST 453 and LOCUST 753 loaders
  • 2008 – LOCUST 1303CT SPEED new track loader at the SAIE exhibition in Bologna
  • 2009 – LOCUST 1003 CT prototype was presented
  • 2012 – A new LOCUST 603 loader was introduced at the CTT 2012 exhibition in MoscowAt the moment, we continue our work so that LOCUST is a unique and indispensable helper for you.