Skid steer loader with over 30 years of history. Locust is the direct successor of the UNC loader manufactured by the same manufacturer that offers years of experience, development and tradition associated with the new product. Load capacity 750 kg and high performance is LOCUST 753, younger brother LOCUST 752. Compared to his older brother, he has better reach parameters (spraying height, reach). As well as other LOCUST loaders, the cabin complies with the strictest safety regulations, it also provides comfort, good visibility, noise and vibration prevention. The L753 skid steer loader produced in Slovakia has undergone long-term development since the first UNC units in 1981 to today’s LOCUST loaders, the quality of which is proven by testing and use in various practical activities (construction, agriculture, winter maintenance of roads and car parks) countries and in various weather and terrain conditions.


Due to its size and features, it is highly flexible, easy to maneuver, and can also be used in narrowed and saturated tapes. Suitable especially for agrosector and communal.

Height to the Top of Cab 2,090 mm
Length of the Loader with a Bucket 3,380 mm
Width of the Loader with a Bucket 1,880 mm
Operating Weight 3,250 kg
Rated Operating Capacity 750 kg
Tipping Load 1,500 kg
Speed 8-17 km/h
Bucket Volume with the Mass 0.43 m3
Tearing Force 24,5 kN
Force of Traction 25,5/31,5 kN